All Around Child-Inside the Classrooms

Recently, I posted about All Around Child, a Reggio-Inspired preschool in Overland Park, KS. I loved the school so much that there was no way I could have condensed my thoughts and pictures down to one post. We are about to explore the magic inside the classrooms and you will see why… I quickly learned […]

Picasso’s Playdough

Guess what?!!  I am a contributing blogger to   I am loving the opportunity to share my ideas with parents.  My latest post is my Picasso’s Playdough Project.   I took loose parts, playdough and inspiration from Picasso’s abstract portraits.  The level of engagement and conversation with this project was amazing. Click HERE for more details!

Artist Study: Willem de Kooning

“Light in August”  1947 In a recent museum class I taught – we explored the world of the gray scale and the work of Willem de Kooning.   We looked at several examples of de Kooning’s work and identified the values lightest to darkest (the gray scale). STEP ONE:  Make your own gray scale tool!  You […]

Flower Study

One of the last big projects I did with the children this year was a flower study.  We looked at the work of Georgia O’Keefe and how she painted her flowers to fill the entire canvas.  We noted three things that Georgia O’Keefe did: She painted the flowers to the edges of the canvas. She […]

Wassily Kandinsky Study, Part 2

This is a project that Kelsey Howard created this summer at art camp.  It was amazing and the children loved it.  I had to video tape it and share it with you.  I wanted to bring a Kandinsky project — little did I know that Kelsey had a deep understanding of his work.   She created […]

Wassily Kandinsky Study, Part 1

 Kandinsky’s Circles is a wonderful inspiration piece.  Here is a super easy art piece for the young child.  It is great tracing and cutting practice.  METHOD:  I made three sizes of circle tracers – large, medium and small.  (I used round caps and such to make the tracers out of manila folders.)  I had the […]

Water Lilies on Canvas

This is a lovely keepsake for parents as it is painted on board canvas.  I purchase my canvas boards at Michaels in packs of 10 with my 40% off coupon.   I use the cheap liquid craft paint. STEP ONE:  Mix up several mixtures of blue for the pond.  Remember to have one a bit […]

Monet’s Mural

This is a wonderful mural to create!  I put up two rows of white bulletin board paper and framed it in a black paper with big scallop edges. This is the mural in process.  I failed to take a final photo!  So sad – it was so beautiful.  You know, sometimes it is the best […]