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The Third Teacher Bootcamp

Bootcamp Overview:

The Bootcamp is delivered entirely online. You will learn everything you need to know to design and decorate your learning environment – including how to analyse your space, how to use color, how to use pattern, texture and so much more. The lessons include:  

  • JAM-PACKED VIDEOS to guide you through the different components of the process.
  • PLUS all the Modules PDFs are beautifully presented in a professionally designed magazine format, so that every step of the process is a gorgeous and inspiring as it is informative.
  • CHECKLISTS, TEMPLATES, and PROFESSIONAL GUIDES to help you fast track the journey and ensure you don't leave anything out.
  • Earn a 10 or 20 hour professional development certificate.

This Bootcamp is for you if. . .

  • You’ve been longing to makeover your classroom but don’t know where to start
  • You are struggling to bring everything together in your Reggio Inspired space
  • You secretly have always wanted a Reggio Inspired Environment but have no clue how to start
  • Reggio Inspired spaces make you swoon and you'd love to know exactly how to create it for yourself!
  • You want to learn how to create a stunning classroom on a tight budget
  • You have a great Reggio-Inspired space but need help taking it to the next level


I am really busy - can I still enroll/? What if I fall behind?

You can absolutely register! The nature of this bootcamp means you can’t fall behind. If you’ve got lots happening in your life, you can go through the materials at your own pace whenever you’re ready (you have lifetime access, so you can go through the bootcamp whenever you like, and as many times as you like).

Honestly, I’m on a budget. Is this bootcamp right for me?

Absolutely! Truly, classroom design is problem solving. With every part of design that I cover - I’ll be highlighting how you can make the most of a tight budget. Plus, I’ll be sharing all the secrets about where to find the best deals for your space.

I am super busy. How much time will this bootcamp take?

No worries! I totally get busyness! Please remember: the materials are yours forever, and you can go through them at whatever speed feels most comfortable for you.

I took your e-course, Learning Spaces. Is this basically the same course?

While the principles of good classroom environments never change - this course will hyper focus on how these principles apply to specifically to Reggio-Inspired Environments. I will be taking what I covered in Learning Spaces to a much deeper and intentional level as it is applied to Reggio-Inspired Environments.

Consider it this way - I gave you a sip of how to approach Reggio Inspired spaces in Learning Spaces. This bootcamp is the whole glass of water!

Finally, this bootcamp is going to give you specially designed downloads that will build a comprehensive action plan and go-to "operations" notebook to have in your classroom for easy reference.


Eight modules of pure content, covering all of the essentials you need to create a stunning learning space.




What you will discover:

How to Know If the Third Teacher is Working in Your Classroom

You’ll take stock of your classroom and see exactly – what’s working and what’s not working.

  • What the Reggio idea of the “third teacher” really means
  • Use the Third Teacher Assessment Tool to quickly tell if the third teacher is working in your classroom
  • 4 simple steps to find out which areas need your attention first.
  • The negative impact of clutter on your classroom and how to say goodbye to classroom chaos forever
  • How to put together your own Bootcamp Action Notebook with the Action Planning Guides found inside the Bootcamp.



What you will discover:

How to Use Color in Your Classroom To Support Learning

Quickly learn how to make ANY color in your space work and how to reduce visual clutter.

  • How to use color to optimize a Reggio-inspired mood that nurtures young learners
  • Use the Color Assessment to uncover exactly what needs work to get the Reggio feel in your classroom
  • Tips for how to create an action plan to adapt your classroom, step by step
  • A Color Palette Tool to help you choose the right color palette for your space.



What you will discover:

How to Easily Improve the Lines In Your Classroom

Easily create a calm environment by finding and fixing trouble spots with the lines and angles in your space.How to use line to eliminate the look of clutter and bring calm to your room. 

  • How to use the lines and shapes in your classroom to eliminate the look of clutter and bring calm to the space.
  • Use my Line Assessment Tool to see and address your room’s “trouble spots”
  • Use my simple Line Solution System to remedy noisy visual spaces that might be detracting from the groundedness and calm you want to create



What you will discover:

How to Easily Structure Your Classroom For More Engagement

It is easier than you think to create highly engaging centers and activities.How to be sure your classroom comes together using my Balance Action Plan. 

  • How to be sure your classroom comes together using my Balance Action Plan.
  • Use my Balance Assessment Tool to reduce the visual noise that can agitate young children
  • Learn simple ways to use symmetry and asymmetry as Third Teacher allies!



What you will discover:

How To Use Texture To Create a Warm & Nourishing Environment

Find simple ways to bring natural and varied textures into your classroom.

  • How texture and pattern have a huge role in defining the overall “feeling” and energy of your classroom
  • Simple ways to bring the Reggio feel into your space – even on a budget!
  • How texture will help bring a peaceful feeling to your space.
  • Use the Texture Action Plan to guide you as you bring the right kind of energy into your classroom with a few small changes that make a big difference



What you will discover:

How to Make Simple Lighting Changes to Create a Magical Space

A few simple shifts in how you light your classroom can create an atmosphere of pure wonder.

  • Simple ideas for changing the intensity, brightness, placement and color of lighting to improve the overall feeling of your classroom
  • Use my Light Assessment Tool to easily locate where to add light
  • How to plan your light transformation with the Light Action Plan



What you will discover:

How to invigorate your classroom with the spirit of the outdoors!

Watch how a few simple nature elements in your classroom can create awe.

  • How to use the elements of nature to evoke the magic that Reggio Inspired classrooms are known for!
  • Use my Nature Assessment Tool to easily locate where to add some elements of nature.
  • How to use found nature objects to bring the beauty of the outdoors in your class.
  • How to plan your nature transformation with the Nature Action Plan.



What you will discover:

Learn how the principles of Feng Shui can help you locate places of chaos in your classroom!

Plus - you will get my video: Shopping for Your Classroom Tips & Tricks

What you will discover:

  • How the art of Feng Shui can be applied to your classroom.
  • How energy moves and how it can reveal "trouble spots"
  • Learn how to "repair" trouble spots that are most likely to be chaos hot spots.

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You can master the art of creating an inspired environment. You just have to know the science behind it. And once you know it, you can use this wisdom to evolve your space as your teaching evolves.

For each module you’ll have a fun action plan to complete in your classroom!

I have designed a comprehensive library of assessment tools and action plans to help you transform your space with ease.

The best part is - a year from now - when you are ready to put those new skills to use again, your completed asssessments and action plans will be a quick reference guide to help you pick up where you left off.


Hi! I’m Sally Haughey, and I'm on a mission: to empower you to have the classroom/learning space of your dreams! Why? Because creating a class you love doesn’t have to be so hard and learning to create a dynamic learning environment changes everything. It is putting the "third teacher" to work!

I look forward to helping you create the classroom that reflects your true teaching self.



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One Payment of Only:



* 20% discount for groups of 3 or more. Email and ask for an invoice.

Having trouble registering? Email for assistance!