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Strengthen Your Teaching Practice and Honor Children’s Dignity

Join thousands of international educators who honor children’s ideas, thinking, and feelings today!




Fairy Dust Teaching’s [INSERT YEAR

Online Early Childhood [INSERT SEASON] Conference

This online conference is a comprehensive training in play-based, child-centered learning.

Join me and 10 experts as we explore honoring the potential of all children, including how to… 

Honor Children's Ideas:

  • Document learning through stories that leave you feeling that you are doing the right job, at the right time, with the right children.
  • Watch children lead with their ideas in art processes and know that you are doing sacred work, giving children their own voice in education.
  • Give children pockets of magic outdoors that delight and enliven your own teaching spirit.


Honor Children's Thinking:

  • Support cognitive growth with Loose Parts and experience a powerful sense of effectiveness that you are serving their academic needs.
  • Open the Door to Magical Learning for Ones and Twos and discover the capacity and competency of children.


Honor Children's Feelings:

  • Redirect children's behavior with mindfulness and love, and feel a deep sense of peace even after a rough day.
  • Cultivate a culture of kindness and empathy in your classroom so that you know that you have deeply connected to the children in your care and supported their growth as a community.
  • Honor the dignity of children with guiding principles inspired by Fred Rogers with the knowledge that you were born to teach young children.


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