Sally Haughey, Fairy Dust TeachingSally Haughey is the founder and owner of Fairy Dust Teaching, a company committed to the growth and empowerment of teachers around the globe through teaching not only cutting edge teaching strategies – but also transformational techniques to shift teaching barriers and overwhelm.

Sally has now worked with over six thousand teachers in her online e-courses and workshops.

After 20 years of successfully teaching in various school settings (church, private, federal, poverty, urban, suburban and wealth), she has committed herself on what she loves most:  Empowering and Inspiring Teachers!  Her focus is to provide a deeper level of service and training to other teachers.

Jenni Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.57.55 AMis a wife and momma to 2 amazing boys and a stepmomma to 2 beautiful girls. She graduated from OU- TULSA where she was fortunate to have learned about various developmentally appropriate teaching practices including the Reggio-Emilia approach and the project approach. She has been teaching as a Reggio-inspired teacher implementing the project approach for the last 5 years in preK and first grade.



Janine is a graphic designer of 19 years. She is also an intuitive mixed media artist with a love for color and texture. Janine is a mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 8 and 10 and the 3 of them live in Georgia, a little bit north of Atlanta. Janine had been creating as long as she can remember, it fills her soul. She feels so blessed to Janinbe able to be doing what she loves. During her spare time she loves to go hiking up on the North Georgia Mountains, exploring all the beauty and the amazing waterfalls.


biopicHilary is a lifelong learner, and currently completing her BSc with a major in Psychology. She has a deep curiosity for how we come to know ourselves and the world around us. This past summer, she moved from her home in Toronto, Ontario to find roots on the west coast of British Columbia. When she's not studying the books, you can find her practicing yoga, forest bathing or playing her piano.




About Fairy Dust Teaching

When you take a peek around Fairy Dust Teaching -you will find three main features.  There’s the blog, the e-courses, and the up and coming Teaching Tips.

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Here’s a little bit about each feature:

      • Fairy Dust Teaching, the blog, is where you will get proven hands-on projects that you can use in your classroom and home. Some projects are about literacy, others are about science. There is a nifty tab called “Explore” that you can click and enter my visual index of 100s of project ideas. FREE.



      • Fairy Dust Teaching, the eCourses, is where I share my deepest and most powerful wisdom and practices in teaching.  In my courses I share the cutting edge of teaching and break it down for you so you can take advantage of it in your classroom.  Over 1000 teachers have taken part in my online courses in the past 2 years.



      • Teaching Tips, the web show, are short 1 to 3 minute videos where I will share a simple tip, trick or activity you can use in the classroom to get magical results TODAY!!  Premiers in 2014.


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