The Story Table is a vital part of my classroom.  It is a miniature world of nature complete with animals.


STEP ONE:  The Base – I like to use a strong base so children can push on it and it will not collapse.   This is a shelf laid flat.


STEP TWO:  Cover the shelf or table with cloth.  I placed an brown “earth” color cloth on the bottom.   Underneath the cloth I have placed a few wooden pieces to add height.  Next I add a piece of blue fabric for the river.  At this time, I created a late summer – so there is a deep green cloth.  We added acorns, leaves, twigs and other found nature items.


STEP THREE:  I found branches to put up as trees and log blocks for children to use to invent their own details and scenes.

I added green roving in the trees.


STEP FOUR:  Add the creatures!


Pine cones make great trees as well.


I tell the children that the Story Table is a quiet place and the animals may not fight.

It is a peaceable kingdom.


The children race to be at the table.  Stories unfold.  .  .


Sometimes a child will sneak over to the story table. . . . it a place of comfort.