Guest Teacher: Kati Nash
Reggio Blog Series 

Hi! My  name is Kati and I am a teacher in a Reggio-inspired preschool that serves the most at-risk children in our school district. Our school is unique in that we have private, philanthropic funding but remain a public school. Our school works with many local foundations and groups including the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra. I am so excited that I can share a glimpse of my children’s inspiring investigation from this year with the world.
We first began noticing  children’s intrigue with ramps, bridges, and
tunnels emerge in the block area.

Children were building multi-level structures and using objects to manipulate cause and effect relationships with their structures.


We wondered what would develop if the children’s ideas of ramps were brought
into another area of the classroom.

Teachers set up a series of provocations involving ramps and a variety of materials. These started with simple ramps and obvious balls.

As teachers watched the children’s interactions with the ramps evolve
they would add or take away materials.

During ongoing exploration children began to agree that “a ramp goes down.” And thus the children formed their definition of a ramp.

Kati will be a guest presenter this summer with Fairy Dust Teaching's e-institute!