your beliefs become your values
your values become your thoughts
your thoughts become your words
your words become your actions
your actions become your habits
 your habits become your destiny
Values-Based Goals Vs. Resolutions
Goals can be thought of as stepping stones that move you towards your values.   The process we are using is called values-based goal setting.  Values-based goals keep us from wasting our time on goals that don't inspire us or  have anything to do with what is important.  When our goals are aligned with our values, then we are less likely to get caught up in goals that do not feed our hearts and souls.

A simple way of looking at this – a true goal is not a “I should do this” but “This is who I truly am.”   A true goal brings you into alignment with who you truly are.  My friend always says “Don't should on yourself!”  There is nothing inspiring about trying to do what “you should do.”  That is critical in the goal setting process.   If you find the goal you create today ultimately does not inspire you – give it up!

Here's the secret to goals – if you take on one goal that inspires you, that you build some real momentum and success in– it will impact all areas of your life!!  It is holographic in nature.   You will, by the very nature of transformation, alter many areas of your life.  Yes, even areas not connected to the goal.  Sweet, huh?

          How does this work in practice?
When I did the value work and prioritized my values – spirituality was on the top. (There is a values sheet in the workbook below)  It is number one.   Interestingly, when I look at my life  – there is little committed time dedicated to my spiritual growth.  Who I truly am is a person who begins anything of importance by tuning within – –  yet – – in my daily routine – – I rarely make time to meditate or pray.   When I look at my life what I see really missing is this foundational practice!  What would life look like if I began each day with just 5-10 minutes of inner silence – tuning into my authentic self?Here is an example of a value and a goal:

My value: Spirituality
My goal: I spend the first 10 minutes of each morning in prayer and silence.

    Compelling Reason (outcome):  inner peace and spiritual strengthIt is critical to have a compelling reason for your goal.  What is it that you are after by having this goal?  I want you to look at the level of “how will this make a difference in the quality of my life?”

It is important when you set a goal to state in present tense and to think in terms of moving towards a desired outcome versa moving away an unwanted situation.  As Anthony Robbins suggests stepping out of the “change myself” paradigm and stepping into a “progressing” view.

A great example of this is:  A change goal is “I will exercise every day.”   A progressing life goal is “I take evening walks with my husband after dinner each night.”   Embedding my exercise within my value of inspiration with my husband and being outside has it more compelling for me to actually do it.  This goal is more likely to have me committed and successful.  The difference I see it will make in my life is being connected to nature, time alone with my husband, and feeling vitality walking.

Values:  Spirituality and Beauty
Goal:  To spend 1 hour Saturday morning in the back yard gardening.
Compelling Reason:   to be deeply connect to the seasons of the year
Getting Started
1.)    Make your goal(s) SMART: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time managed
Goals have no grounding until they are set in specific measurable terms.

2.)    Use these quick questions:

1.  What will I do?
2.   How much?
3.   When?
4.   How often?
5.   What are my compelling reasons?


  1. What will I do?  Meditate and pray. 
  2. How much?   5 minutes  
  3. When?   First thing in the morning 
  4. How Often?  Every day! 
  5. Compelling Reasons:  a deep sense of inner peace and vision for my life

     My Resulting Goal:  I will meditate and pray first thing every morning for five minutes.

I love this method because it is so simple.  Do you notice that goals are action steps?  Your goal should hold what you will be doing and when you will be doing it.   
Values:  Adventure and beauty
Goal:  I will eat three meals a day with lusciously prepared whole foods with no eating between meals.
Compelling Reasons:  to be vibrantly alive, full of energy and vitality!!!!


  • Begin with something you feel inspired to do.
  • Choose goals that are both realistic and achievable.   Start small.
  • Write it down.  Use the workbook sheet on this post.
  • If you find yourself not doing your goal, ask yourself:  What is my compelling reason for this?

WORKBOOK:  Click Here