It happened very suddenly.  Last week we thought my cat had been in a cat fight but it turned out he was in the final stages of cancer (Feline Lymphoma).  Yesterday we chose to put him down.  He declined rapidly and did not respond to steroids or other treatments.  We sought the opinion of two different vets.  The diagnosis was the same.  Honestly, it was so hard to see him suffer.  The decision was easy.  Spare him the pain.
This is Einstein that first winter we had him.  He was just a kitten still.
And oh so cute!

Saying good-bye is always the hardest part.

Today, I am grateful for the joy this furry little friend brought into our lives for the last two years.  Einstein was a stray cat that found his way to our porch.  This Christmas season, we have decided as a family to contribute the money we would spend on each other to the Tulsa Animal Rescue Foundation.   What better way to honor our sweet Einstein.

All my love,