Happy Saturday everyone!  Do you have methods of making show-n-share educational?  It does my teacher heart good.  To bring educational value to a simple toy is pure joy!

This is the best homework.  Honestly.  Simple and effective.  What you need is a package of brown lunch bags and enough copies of the page below (two on a page).  Staple the half sheet instructions on the brown bag and send home.

The children will find an item at home to put in the brown bag.  Then their challenge is to come up with a rhyming word as a clue.

I have the child who is giving the clue to their bag — call on the children to guess.

I love this for two reasons:
1.)  My kinders love the rhyming bag show-n-share.  They get to bring something from home – it's a big deal.    2.) It is amazing rhyming practice that is FUN!

Rhyming Bag
Funny how there is such magic in a hidden item in a bag.

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