One day I had an inspiration while making a “mini-office.”  I realized the file folders would make a perfect puppet theater!
What you will need:  2 file folders per puppet theater, scrapbook paper, tape, glue sticks.


I used two special types of file folders.  The first is a pre-printed folder and the second is a file folder with a built in pocket (did not know they made these until recently!).  Regular file folders work beautifully as well!


Step One:  I used a 5 x 7 index card to trace a window on each file folder. I set them side by side to be sure they are lined up.


Step Two:  Cut out the two windows.

Step Three:  Tape the two file folders together.  Tape the front edges and back edges.


Step Four:  To make paper curtains I placed the scrapbook paper on top of the file folder where the window is – and drew a curtain.  I folded it so I could cut two.


Step Five:  I glued the paper curtains down.  I cut a curtain for the top and under the window as well.


What I love about the file folders with pockets is that it has place to store the paper puppets!


You can also make a pocket with the leftover piece of file folder from making the window.
I cut a square and taped it to the back.


It will fold up and lay down flat for easy storage!  You can make the window large or small based on how much overlap you have between the two folders.

TIP:  Laminate for extra durability!