This is a sight word recognition set I created for the classic fairy tale, “The Three Bears.”  I have a set for each of the major kindergarten fairy tales.  I like this format because it honors the various levels the children are at:

  •   For the pre-emergent reader – it provides the simple practice of “sight” recognition which builds visual perceptual skills critical to reading.
  •   It has repetitive text at an emergent+ reading level.
  •   It builds and repeats a set of basic sight words.
  •   It is a familiar story that the children have prior knowledge of and can draw upon that knowing.

Enjoy!  I will keep posting these if you like them.

Disclaimer:  I did not create this set with the idea of sharing it.  The words used have been taken from an old 1916 primer reader I have (I have a collection of old readers).  The images are from assorted sources that I did not note. 

Three Bears Sight Word Set