One of my favorite things is to create the atmosphere in the classroom that supports and expands the ideas we are currently exploring.  With Jack and the Beanstalk I love making a huge beanstalk.  Here is how I do this!

Step One:  Pull off three long rolls from your green bulletin board paper.  With a person at each end, twist the paper into a tube.
Step Two:  Secure two tubes to the wall.  I use clear packing tape to secure the tubes.  Next, place the third tube on top of the first two.  This creates a more 3-dimensional stalk.


Step Three:  I make tracers for the children to use to make the leaves.  It is always a treat to work as a whole group on the floor like you see here the photo.  The children love it.  They are almost completely quiet as they work beside each other.


Step Four:  We put the leaves on the stalk.  I try to put leaves where there was tape to help hide it.