There are always such great things happening in the kindergarten rooms around me!  I wanted to share a few of the current happenings:
Mrs. Mendoza's class made these after reading “It Looked Like Split Milk.”   The images were made by putting white paint on blue construction paper and folding it in half.  The children decided what it looked like!  The writing was done in pencil first and then traced in marker.


This is a torn and crumpled paper project from Mrs. Flynn's Class.   Look closely!  There are real sunflower seed glued to the center around a photo of the student.


This is a foot project that Mrs. Hatch's kindergarten made after reading Dr. Suess's Foot Book.  Each student traced their own feet.


The kindergarteners in Mrs. Lacy's class made these “cat in the hats” from their own foot prints!  So cute!