This is such a simple drawing project with great results.  We drew the fish for Dr. Seuss week – for “One Fish, Two Fish.”  Use black sharpies to draw the fish and watercolors to decorate.

Step One:  Draw a long oval.  Add a circle for an eye.  Draw the pupil.
Step Two:  Draw a curved lined from the top to the bottom of the fish's body.  Add a smile.
Step Three:  Add the top fin using a curved line or zigzag lines.
Step Four:  Add curved lines or zigzag lines to the bottom of the fish.  Add a triangle to the back of the fish with the point of the triangle touching the fish.
Step Five:  Add lines inside the triangle.
Step Six;  Watercolor the fish.
Step Seven:  Cut out fish and glue to construction paper that has been washed with watercolor.  I had the children decorate the paper first in crayon.