One of my favorite things to do is to add special fabrics and trims to the block and dollhouse during different seasons and fairy tales.  This week we are deep into the story, “The Mitten”.   I have added sparkling fabrics and a wonderful iridescent garland for snow, ice and the mood of cold.  It is nice to keep these special additions in a basket next to the blocks.

I found the garland in the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby.  The fabrics are regular stock.


During Christmas, there are always a wonderful selection of snow people ornaments.  I buy them to put in blocks and the dollhouse.  I look for those that are soft.  They make them in families as well!  So easy to keep a stock for winter units.  Just snip off the tags and strings.


During block play, this group of children used the garland as snow outside their “house.”


It is also nice to keep extra dollhouse furniture handy for block play.


This dollhouse has been through a snow storm!