This is a great way to help children with retelling a story.  It builds comprehension, sequencing and it is fun!  It is simple – on a long piece of bulletin board paper – draw a winding path.  At the beginning of the path, draw a visual clue of the first event.  I did this Storytelling Pathway in August when we were learning the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”  I had the children tell me what happened first, second, etc and I drew the visual clues.   After I drew the story, I let the children color it in and add any missing details.  When we finished, children were given the opportunity to walk the Storytelling Pathway and retell the story to us!

On one side of the path I drew the three bowls of porridge.  On the other side – the three bears.


Next I drew the table with the three bowls and a girl.


I then added the three chairs and the three beds.


To signal that the bears return, I drew the three bears and repeated the sequence of events.  The last image I added was the window that Goldilocks jumped out of and ran away.

Give it a try!  At this time of year, the student could draw it themselves!