This is an oldie – and worth doing again and again!   The best part is mixing up the “secret” snow paint recipe!  This painting takes two days.  I start with teaching the children to paint a tree.   Be sure to start the tree with a little space below it.  The next day we apply our special snow paint.

Prepare a large dixie cup for each child with the following:  Fill the cup 2/3 full of shaving cream, a good long squeeze of school glue, and a good long squeeze of white paint.  (This is not an exact science!)  I let the children stir the mixture (“You must stir it at least 20 times!” I warn them).
Start with the ground and fill the bottom of the paper so the tree is sitting in the snow.
It is helpful to discuss how snow falls on the trees.  Put the paint on the top of the limbs where the snow naturally drifts and settles.
Finally, you can create falling, swirling snow!