I think it is such an important skill to teach children how to draw.  It develops so many critical skills for learning – eye/hand coordination, dexterity, spatial perception, understanding of basic shapes and lines, the ability to observe as a means of knowledge – to name a few.

All you need is enough black sharpies for each child, white cardstock, and watercolor paints.


I love the details the student added with the paint!

Is this not an amazing painting for a 5 year old?  I think the details are so sweet!

This is so easy for young children to draw.  I have done this one with four year olds!  Here are the simple instructions:


I ask the children to have their paper landscape (sideways).  I talk for a moment about the size of the paper.  I tell them to make a medium sized circle up at the top of the page.


Draw a straight line out from the bottom edge of the circle.


Draw a “u” shape starting from below the circle to the end of the straight line.


Draw another “u” shape for the wing.


Draw a triangle for the beak.  Make a dot for the eye.  Add legs and claws.


Optional:  Add a wing with a straight slanting up and making a curve down.  I tell the children to add any details they would like – feathers, nests, trees. . .

Student working on wing.

Student adding baby birds!

This student is thinking about what other details to add.


Next, we paint!


I love the details on this bird!


Look at those happy birds!

What great details!  A nest in a tree.  I love the bird's tail.

I loved the expansive and swirling colors in this one and the tiny birds sitting on the mama's back.