This drawing project looks great using just black and green watercolors.  I just love how unique and individual each child’s drawing turns out.

What you will need:  Sharpies, white cardstock, black and green watercolors (I used a liquid concentrate).

How to draw a simple panda bear:

Draw a medium sized circle at the top of the page.
Make a “U” like shape from one side of the head to the other side.
Add two arms by drawing long lines that curve into body like the letter “J”.
 Add two legs by drawing a line out and make a bump.  Draw down and back to the body.  Add three small circles and a oval for paws on all four feet.
Draw a belly line – a “U” like shape.
Add a dot for the belly button.  On the face, draw two slanted ovals.
Add eyes in the two slanted ovals.  Draw two ears by making upside down u’s.  Add a nose by drawing an oval and a “j” line.  Make a backwards “j.”
Add a horizon line and bamboo trees.  Next watercolor the areas that the panda bear is black.  Watercolor the green bamboo.