Children love to have little people in their play to retell the stories of the season.  What fun to have Santa!

It is quite easy to make simple little folks based on seasonal impulses with wooden bases, wool roving, and wool felt.  I do not use patterns to make my wooden base dolls.  Here I explain my easy method.  You can adapt this for any character you like!
santa doll

What you will need:  wooden bases, red felt, white roving, tacky glue.

santa doll

santa doll

Step One: Measure felt around the head to determine the width.
Cut out a rectangle.

santa doll

Step Two:  Trim into cap shape (triangle).
Set aside.


Step Three:  Dot glue over top of head.


Step Four:  Gently put a piece of roving on head.  Make sure roving is not too long.  Roll a tiny piece of roving to make mustache.  Apply with glue.


Step Five:  Next, put on cap while glue of hair is still nice and tacky.  Add a strip of glue along inside back seam of cap to seal.


Step Six: Measure width needed for cape and how long it will need to be.  Cut and glue to wooden base.


Step Seven: Twist a thin piece of roving.


Step Eight:  Apply a strip of glue to cap at edge.  Apply roving by gently tapping it into the glue.
Add wisp of roving for beard.  Adhere with glue.


Step Nine:  Repeat for the bottom of the cape. Tuck the ends of the roving on the other side of the cape with a dot of glue.


Optional:  Put a generous dot of glue on side of head and press cap down.  Roll a bit of roving into a ball and glue to tip of cap.