Birthdays in the kindergarten are a very big deal!  It is those small details that make this day special.  Here are some photos of what I have done and a few things from other classrooms.
Birthday Banner for birthday child.  I will post later in the week on how to make this simple banner.
Detail of banner.
Birthday Calendar I saw in Switzerland.  I thought this was so smart.  I make a birthday calendar every year now.  I hang it on the front wall and the children know whose birthday is next.  The birthday child takes home their birthday poster the day we celebrate it.
My version of the Swiss birthday calendar.
 The first week of school each child watercolors their birthday poster that will become a part of the calendar.
Here’s this year’s version.

This is my special “Birthday Chest” filled with all the fanfare for the day.  I have a birthday story I read for every child’s birthday, a birthday badge and a golden crown.

In this chest I have golden fabric and a birthday cape.
The birthday child sits on the golden chair during our celebration.
I saw this across the hall from me at Mrs. Goodroe’s classroom.  I think it is such a sweet touch to hang up a little sign to let the children know as they arrive – it’s a birthday today!
This is my homemade version for a birthday last week.
Mrs. Goodroe also puts out a wonderful display at the spot where the birthday child sits.   Such a celebration!  I’d love to hear your ideas for birthdays!  Is there anything special you do to mark the day?

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