Here is a little tour of a first grade classroom I visited in Switzerland.  There were so many great ideas.  Outside the classroom this sun greeted students with their names.
This is the helper “chart” if you will.  I love this idea!
The Magical Alphabet chart!  I have made my own version of this.  Each letter has doors that were opened to reveal the letter.
Here is a detail of those delightful “letter” windows!  I love how the children helped to create it.
Swiss first grade classroom – so well designed.
  • Peek back at the wonderful sink in the right hand corner.
  • Notice how the chalkboard is on a sliding track – it moves to reveal whiteboards and bulletin boards.
  • Also – check out the little zippered bags on the desk behind the girls.  These are school supply pouches that are masterfully crafted.  I wanted one but quickly found out in American $ it would cost nearly $75.  I regret not buying one!
Detail of the number line.  I love this and made my own.  Take a look at how they used natural occurring number images like spider for 8, bowling pins for 9 and so forth!  Do you see the grid on the chalkboard?  Oh how I love these details!
This is the left side of the classroom – huge open light windows looking out to a lush wooded area!
 This art mural by the students was on the right side wall.  Look at the wonderful birds they created.

Here is a close up of those adorable birds.  Do you see the great patterns the children painted?  I wonder if they made painted papers first and then constructed their birds. . . .