Toddler Tales ~ Making Reindeer Food

Who knew making reindeer food could be so much fun?! Needing a quick and easy gift for my toddler to give to his classmates, I settled on reindeer food. With only 2 ingredients, it’s so simple! However, I had no idea how much fun my little man would have with the process of making it! […]

Chinese Painted Fans & Dancing

I am always amazed at the level of joy and engagement the exploration of the Chinese New Years brings to the classroom.  It is richly embedded with academic learning (for example see Chinese Counting Set ) in a way that addresses multiple learning styles and needs.  Fan dancing is another great math activity. I am […]

Building the “Great Wall” of China

Building the Great Wall of China with brown bags is a great collaborative project.  Today the class worked together to create a wall as long as they could.  It required placing the bags side by side.  The children had to make decisions about which directions the wall would travel. The wall began in the classroom […]

Snowman Village

Here is a peek at the Snowman Village project.  I love the diversity of their villages.   I love providing a palette of choices.  In this project the children: embellished their houses with markers and watercolor paints painted the cardboard “earth” with snow created snow “people” out of white foam clay (pipecleaners and markers for details) […]

Polar Bears in Snow

This was such a fun painting project.  I ordered the largest size construction paper (24 x 36) in pale blue.   This gave it the “wow” factor.  I love large paintings!  We drew the bears on the paper before painting.  I gave the children crayons. Step One:  I had the children draw a half moon shape […]

Snowball Village

Last week I taught two classes for a new local museum.  My featured projects for both days – little habitats.   I have rarely seen a child who does not adore the task of creating a miniature world.  There is this amazing ability of a little world to pull the storyteller out of children.  I love […]

3-D Trees – The Four Seasons (Part 2)

This article continues a series on 3-D habitats and science topics. To learn how to make a brown bag tree, please refer to Part 1. Today, I am going to share how I use these simple bag trees to construct the four seasons.  You can have the children each make their own seasonal tree or […]

Dear Ole Abe and George

Today in class my kinders made a good old fashion project – paper portraits of Abe and George. They traced the major components and glued it together.  (This is my first post made from my iphone. . . a little different but fast!)

Oh how I love Heart Garlands!

I love, love, love the joy of a heart garland.  Aren’t they divine?  I found several worth sharing on the internet.  There are a few very creative ideas for making garlands.  My kinders love making garlands.  What a lovely thing to do during centers. . . When I saw this,  I immediately thought I could […]

Valentine’s Playdough!

Chocolate Playdough! I first found this idea at Counting Coconuts and loved it! Instructions here:  Heidi’s Recipes Adding the empty chocolate candy box is key! Valentine’s Bakery Playdough This is such a fun idea!  I adore the sprinkles – such a creative idea! The kinders in my class would love that so much! For instructions: […]

Valentines Ideas

I was strolling the internet and found these great ideas: I love these tie-dye hearts! How cute! Check out how to do this at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas Love, love, love these!  I think the kinders could make these if I gave them little heart stickers. From: Color Me Katie This a such […]

100th Day of School

beautiful photo by Kelly Corado Tuesday was the 100th day at my school.  It was such a great day with 100 day activities all day long.  My favorite part was watching the glee of the children as we released our balloons. It was so full of joy.

Winter Dens for Bears

Make a hibernating bear den is one of the most beloved activities in the kindergarten.  See this post from last year:  Bear Dens.    This year I changed it up a bit and had the child glue the brown bag upside down on the paper plate.  I teach the children to use “tabbing” which is simply […]

Snow People Homework

I love family art projects!  Let’s be clear – some children do the work and for other families the child does very little of the work.  So you might ask – why send it home?  I have been doing family art projects for many, many years.  One of the benefits I see is parent/child engagement.  […]

Ideas for Winter Unit

Sitting on the couch at home,  I snuggled into the possibility of my next unit – Winter and the story “The Mitten.”  Here are a few ideas I found: Hibernation Art Piece I love this!  I think the kinders would adore doing this! From: Sorting Winter Animals This is a great science center idea. […]

Easy Snowflake Ornament

 This is a very simple and economic ornament to make for your students.  This not a project for the children.  I like to make these as a little gift from me.  They are sooooo sweet. I found the glitter snowflake ornaments at Walgreens at buy one, get one half price (there are 12 per box).  […]

Pine Cone Elves

I saw this idea all over Pinterest and had to give it a try with my kinders! What you will need: assorted pine cones (mine came from a friend’s yard) popsicle sticks wooden beads for head little red caps (I found mine at Hobby Lobby) pipe cleaners cut into fourths little pom-poms, glitter pens, and […]

Class Holiday Card

This is a super simple idea for making a class card.  I am making them to go on the parent gifts.  I have a download of my letter signs for you.  Please click this link to download:  Happy Holiday Sign I went online to Walgreens and added the border.  They have a 50% off special […]

Elf Hats

Oh what fun!  With the Elf on the Shelf rage – we had to make Elf hats!  I printed the ears on construction paper and the children cut them out.  On a 12 x 18 sheet of construction paper, the children made a pattern. Next, they folded the corners. The hat is made by making […]

Make a Love Bug

I work at a local museum and today they had the sweetest project – Love Bugs.   Create the bug out of paper and doily hearts.  Add googly eyes, pipe cleaner legs. . . whatever details catch your fancy!  I think a love bug would be the perfect little Valentine!

Make a Love Bird

This is a lovely project for Valentine’s – making little love birds out of watercolor paper.  The sweetest part is writing on the back of the birds the things you love.   Isn’t gratitude a wonderful way to honor Valentine’s day?  I will do this with my class when I return to school (hopefully Friday or […]

Chinese Blossom Tree

The object of education is to teach us love of beauty. Plato  I adore that the classrooms of Reggio Emilia hold aesthetic beauty as an important part of respecting the child and their learning environment.  Waldorf education honors the child with objects made from the highest quality  – as natural as possible.   These things make […]

Chinese Calligraphy

This is another one of those projects that children of all ages can succeed with!  It is super simple to set up and can be done in a whole group setting.   These Chinese “scrolls” are beautiful to hang.  I have used different sources for the Chinese characters – this time I chose the Chinese numbers […]

Sparkling Snow Playdough

This is a simple adaptation of the basic playdough recipe.   Sparkling Snow Playdough Recipe: Stir together in large pan: 2 cups of flour 1 cup of salt 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar 2 tablespoons of oil 2 cups of water Cook over medium to medium-high heat.  Cook until it sticks together (about 3 […]

How to Draw a Snowman

Step One:  Using a black marker, draw a horizon line.  On top of the horizon line, draw a large circle.   Step Two:  Draw a medium sized circle on top of the large circle.   Step Three:  Draw a small circle on top of the middle sized circle. Step Four:  Add stick arms.  Sticks are […]

Painting Snow on Trees

This is an oldie – and worth doing again and again!   The best part is mixing up the “secret” snow paint recipe!  This painting takes two days.  I start with teaching the children to paint a tree.   Be sure to start the tree with a little space below it.  The next day we apply our […]