How to Set-Up A Simple Outdoor Math Center

Creating simple centers outdoors is not only easy but economical.  To demonstrate this – I want to share a simple center.  This center could be a solo activity or group collaboration. OBJECTIVE: Sorting, Classifying, & Pattering. Sorting and classifying objects not only teaches children about attributes and relationships, but also promotes thinking logically and applying rules. MATERIALS: […]

Rock Puzzles

This is the coolest idea from my colleague, Patty. She calls them rock puzzles. It is very simple. You find nice sized, flat rocks. Wrap the rock in a towel and bam! Break a piece or two off with a hammer or another rock!   How to use the rock puzzles: Put four to five […]

DIY Color Matching Game

I saw this in my colleague’s classroom.  I love how simple it is!   Easy peasy.  This is a great activity to have in a basket like the photo below or you could set it up like a Montessori tray.  What you will need: paint samples (2 of each color you use) clothespins tacky glue  One […]

DIY Natural Geoboard

Earlier this week I saw this in Mrs. Webb’s classroom.  I loved it and asked her – where did you find that?  She promptly told me she made it.  And it is so simple.  Scroll down for instructions. Materials: tree boards (Hobby Lobby) nails a bag of stretchy bands (like you use on those looms […]

Pattern Owls

I love collage work.  For this project I gathered some of my old scrapbook papers for the children to make their pattern owls.  I made tracers out of old file folders as well.  Here’s how I made the tracers: 1 large oval tracer for the body  (I had pre-cut construction paper rectangles for tracing the […]

The Shape Robots

This is a great project for practicing the major lines in handwriting.  This robot is constructed using shapes and lines.  This helps develop visual perceptual skills, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor control.  I think it is very important to develop a climate of safety in drawing.  Each child will have their own level of capacity.  […]

Drawing Castles

This last week, I lead my kinders in drawing castles.  I adapted my original drawing instructions (see below) by adding extra towers to each side.  I demonstrated how to draw stones and bricks on the castle.  The children loved it!  


My class was at library a week ago when I saw a student’s book.  The cover was similar to an art project I have done in the past but different (click here to see!).  I knew I had to bring this to our Three Pigs unit of construction.  I love the purple background and multicolored […]

AB Pattern Necklaces

An oldie but beloved! The children adore this activity and never realize they are being assessed!  Woot!  I begin by placing three different color of beads on each table.  I tell the children they are making an AB pattern necklace and can only use two colors.  I put small paper plates on the table for […]

Torn Paper Aliens

This is such a fun project.  The key to the success of the alien is the “lack of control” in tearing the paper!  This gives a huge variety of alien faces! What you will need:  A 9 x 12 black paper to build your alien on, a 9 x 12 green paper to tear the […]

Heartfilled Animals!

This is an adaptation of a common kindergarten art project.  Normally, we use heart doilies and create different creatures.  Recently,  I have found oodles of scrapbook paper on clearance at Tuesday Morning.  I adore the funky feeling of the printed papers!  So fun! I cut out a large assortment of hearts and created a tray […]