Toddler Tales ~ Painting a Gift

Having toddlers make gifts is such a wonderful way to add a personal touch during the holidays. Painting a gift can be a wonderful experience for the toddler and makes a lovely, unique gift. This painting process can also be an essential learning experience for toddlers. My toddler is really into painting. He would paint all […]

Atelier Ideas

One of my favorite parts of the Reggio Emilia Approach is their dedication to the atelier. Today I want to feature some local atelier ideas in the hopes they may inspire you or spark an idea for you and your atelier! “Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal […]

Make Your Own Story Stones

Story Stones are a great way to get students excited about story telling and they are surprisingly easy to make! Materials Needed: Stones A variety of stickers Modge Podge Paint Brush Small container to pour the Modge Podge in (this is optional) *I purchased all of my materials at our local Dollar Tree*   The Process: […]

12 Ideas for Storing Loose Parts

During the FREE Live Webinar, Loose Parts! Provocations! Oh My!, I noticed a lot of questions about how to store loose parts. Today I want to share 12 ideas with you for loose parts storage! These ideas come from the amazing Reggio-Inspired school, Rosa Parks ECEC! The best part? Most of these can be found either lying […]

Simple Literacy Provocations

I know some people get overwhelmed when trying to think of new ideas for provocations. Today I want to share with you some simple ideas for literacy provocations that may spark some new ideas for you! Enjoy! If you are reading this and wondering what a provocation is, please read Fairy Dust’s post: What is […]

Flexible Seating in a Reggio-Inspired School

Offering children flexible seating choices can be a great way to make the classroom environment more cozy and home-like. Let’s take a look at flexible seating in a Reggio-Inspired school. What is Flexible Seating? Flexible seating is simply offering students multiple choices of where and how to sit in the classroom. Traditionally, classrooms are supplied […]