Flexible Seating in a Reggio-Inspired School

Offering children flexible seating choices can be a great way to make the classroom environment more cozy and home-like. Let’s take a look at flexible seating in a Reggio-Inspired school. What is Flexible Seating? Flexible seating is simply offering students multiple choices of where and how to sit in the classroom. Traditionally, classrooms are supplied […]

Toddler Tales ~ Pumpkin Painting

One of my favorite October traditions is pumpkin painting! We take our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and the next day, we paint our pumpkins! It is such a fun and easy activity and the kids get to be more creatively involved than they do with pumpkin carving. Full Disclosure: This activity is an […]

Fall Leaf Investigation

One of the perks of fall is the gorgeous weather and a leaf investigation is a great excuse to go outside which makes it a wonderful addition to your fall activities! To begin our leaf investigation we read the book, Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. This book displays creations that have been made with nature […]

Creating a Literacy Rich Environment

Creating a literacy rich environment can be a teacher’s strongest tool that sets the stage for student success all year long. What is a literacy rich environment? An environment where children are exposed to and offered multiple ways to interact with: letters, books, environmental print, and writing materials.  Letters Exposing students to letters is a […]

Loose Parts

Let’s talk loose parts! When I was in the classroom, loose parts were one of my favorite elements of the Reggio Inspired approach to implement! My hope is after reading this post, you will need no explanation as to why that was. What are loose parts? Loose parts are materials that can be moved all around […]

Toddler Tales ~ A Dinosaur Provocation

My little one is really into dinosaurs. I attribute this to his older brother’s obsession spilling over onto him, nonetheless, we play with dinosaurs A LOT in my house. One day I decided to put a little dinosaur provocation on the light table and see what he would do with it. I simply placed a […]