Collaborative Scientific Drawings

Me oh my!  I saw the coolest idea ever!  Lacy Williams, an intern in the classroom next me, had the children in her class doing a collaborative scientific art piece.  I was so blown away by the wisdom of how she lead the up to the collaborative piece.  The topic was pond life.  Here’s what […]

100th Day of School

beautiful photo by Kelly Corado Tuesday was the 100th day at my school.  It was such a great day with 100 day activities all day long.  My favorite part was watching the glee of the children as we released our balloons. It was so full of joy.

Grandparents Day

Okay – I know I have been on Pinterest too much when I am thinking “hand held white board messages.”  But honestly, it was a grand idea for Grandparent’s day.  What I loved about it was that those children who did not have grandparents still had a cute photo opt that we could send home.  […]

The Noodle Shop

I loved the felt noodle idea so much!  I put out pieces of felt and let the children cut noodles.  They loved it!  Noodle Shop is open!

Preparing for Chinese New Years

This last week my classroom has been a buzz preparing for Chinese New Years.   Here’s a peek into our preparations:  Each color family designed a Dancing Dragon.  Colors and designs were recorded.  We built the head of Dancing Dragon out of cardboard boxes.  Painted it with acrylic paint. I am traveling this weekend – later […]

Winter Dens for Bears

Make a hibernating bear den is one of the most beloved activities in the kindergarten.  See this post from last year:  Bear Dens.    This year I changed it up a bit and had the child glue the brown bag upside down on the paper plate.  I teach the children to use “tabbing” which is simply […]

Chinese New Year Ideas for the Kindergarten

Next week I start my two week unit on the Chinese New Years (officially on January 23).  I have been planning and thinking about what I want to do this year.  Here are a few ideas I found on the web from fellow bloggers.  Do you have any good ideas?  Let me know! I love […]

Domino Math

I set up this math activity as a workstation this week.  I found a great free download at this blog: What you need: Print the worksheet off from First Grade School Box (link above) Dominos TIP:  I told my kinders that they were to do as many as they could.  I had some students […]

Snow People Homework

I love family art projects!  Let’s be clear – some children do the work and for other families the child does very little of the work.  So you might ask – why send it home?  I have been doing family art projects for many, many years.  One of the benefits I see is parent/child engagement.  […]

Hands-On Addition!

This is so easy to do with existing manipulatives in your home or classroom.  I put a different manipulative set in each group (see photos).  I print and laminate an “Addition Mat” for each child.  We began with the number five and are working through the number 10 to start.   It amazes me how much […]

Ooo yummy felt foods!

I absolutely adore making my housekeeping a yummy place to play!  Loading it with real props and avoiding plastic toys are my starting point.  I try to keep those ugly plastic food sets out of my housekeeping center.  It is so much more fun to make our own food out of the “bread dough ornament” […]

My Silly Whacky Word Machine

I do not know how nonsense word practice goes for you (if you, too, are a part of the DIBELS parade) but some years my kinders can’t wrap their brains around it.  (I have very mixed feelings about how appropriate this is, as well.)  This year – I have a group of kinders who keep […]

Ideas for Winter Unit

Sitting on the couch at home,  I snuggled into the possibility of my next unit – Winter and the story “The Mitten.”  Here are a few ideas I found: Hibernation Art Piece I love this!  I think the kinders would adore doing this! From: Sorting Winter Animals This is a great science center idea. […]

3 Steps to Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Photo Credit: 1.   Start at the end.  Create a compelling future. One of the big mistakes of most resolutions is that people make declarations that have little or no passion.  Most resolutions are an attempt to fix or correct a bad habit.  The negative intention behind the resolution is a sure fire way to […]

4 Great Sight Word Activities

Here are four great ideas for reinforcing the basic kindergarten sight words.  All the ideas include some element of fun – something very important! Here is a great dice game for sight words. My kinders LOVE dice games. To download go to Learning With Mrs. Parker Rainbow Sight Words From:  Kindergarten Lesson Plans If it […]

Five Great Weaving Projects

I have found five weaving projects on other blogs that I have put on my 2012 to do list for my kindergartners. 1.  Branch Weaving From A Sense of Wonder This is such rocking idea! 2. Mesh Weaving From Let the Children Play I am in love with this piece.  This so happening in January! […]

Block Play: Wrap it up!

My wonderful intern, Katie, created the best little activity during centers last week.  She pulled out the blocks, a couple rolls of wrapping paper, scissors and tape.  Bam!  A great center for fine motor skills!  How many of you are wrapping present challenged?  It takes something to wrap a present.  The children put their “pretend” […]

Oh How I Love Magical Birthdays!

I just had to share with you the magical day I had.  Today is my birthday.   Woot!  I am not mentioning how old I am (do the math, my oldest child is 29 years old. . . yikes!) I am used to little fanfare with a birthday so close to Christmas.  Hey, people are busy.  […]

Easy Teacher/ Volunteer Gift

This is one of my favorite gifts to make for a teacher or people in a group (like Sunday School, Book Club, etc).  When I began making these in 2005, the only good mug available was at Starbucks.   It is still one of the best quality mugs.  But you can find lovely mugs at Target […]

Easy Snowflake Ornament

 This is a very simple and economic ornament to make for your students.  This not a project for the children.  I like to make these as a little gift from me.  They are sooooo sweet. I found the glitter snowflake ornaments at Walgreens at buy one, get one half price (there are 12 per box).  […]

All About Vowels

Here is a great game to play for identifying the vowel in a CVC word. Each child has a laminated strip of vowels and a clothespin. I say a CVC word like “cat.” The children listen and then put their clothespin on the vowel they hear in the CVC word. What is so great about […]

Pine Cone Elves

I saw this idea all over Pinterest and had to give it a try with my kinders! What you will need: assorted pine cones (mine came from a friend’s yard) popsicle sticks wooden beads for head little red caps (I found mine at Hobby Lobby) pipe cleaners cut into fourths little pom-poms, glitter pens, and […]

Finger Knitting and Sewing Like Elves!

One of the components of my “Elves and the Shoemaker” unit is teaching the children to finger knit and sew.   Finger knitting is always a favorite.  The boys love it as much as the girls.   Click here for a video on how to finger knit.  Because a long piece of yarn will end up so […]

Class Holiday Card

This is a super simple idea for making a class card.  I am making them to go on the parent gifts.  I have a download of my letter signs for you.  Please click this link to download:  Happy Holiday Sign I went online to Walgreens and added the border.  They have a 50% off special […]

The Sight Word Wallet

This is a simple and fun way to encourage and celebrate sight word knowledge!   It is a whole lot easier than the sight word gems!   I went to a Dr. Jean workshop and came back with a bunch of good ideas! This is one of them! The “wallet” is made out of a simple piece […]

Missing My Sweet Cat

It happened very suddenly.  Last week we thought my cat had been in a cat fight but it turned out he was in the final stages of cancer (Feline Lymphoma).  Yesterday we chose to put him down.  He declined rapidly and did not respond to steroids or other treatments.  We sought the opinion of two […]

Bread Dough Gingerbread

Sometimes I will adapt the traditional bread dough ornament recipe by adding brown food dye (Wilton brand makes it nice and dark.)  This gives the dough a “gingerbread look” for making gingerbread men and more. I feel it is important to bring a direct experience from the fairy tales and stories we read.  Making cookies […]

Weaving Like Elves

As a part of my Little Elves and the Shoemaker unit, I always introduce several hand working projects.  One of my favorite things to do is weaving.  It is simple and the children love the process.  I found this grapevine “ribbon” at Michael’s for $5 and their holiday ribbon was 50% off.  Perfect! Weaving is […]

Elf Hats

Oh what fun!  With the Elf on the Shelf rage – we had to make Elf hats!  I printed the ears on construction paper and the children cut them out.  On a 12 x 18 sheet of construction paper, the children made a pattern. Next, they folded the corners. The hat is made by making […]

Guest Blogger: Kerry Weisner from Discipline Answers

Happy Sunday!  I am so excited to share a wonderful resource with you.  I met Kerry in my e-course A Dash of Power: The Heart of Classroom Management.   She shared the blog she maintains and it is packed with rich and wonderful classroom management strategies and techniques. Below, she shares a comprehensive list of procedures […]

Gingerbread Man Word Family Slider

Kindergartners love word family sliders! It is such fun! This one is very easy to make. What you need: Print out the gingerbread man below.  I print it on brown construction paper.  I cut the construction paper down to 8 1/2 x 11 and feed it into the copier through the side feeder.  You will […]

The Waldorf Way: Silicon Valley school eschews technology

Loved this segment about Waldorf education on NBC.  Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Art Center & the Benefits of the Arts

I saw this for the first time in a preschool in San Francisco.  It was an arts integrated preschool and was so filled with creative opportunities for young children.  They had an art center that held a variety of materials for making art. It a free choice center in my classroom. Things I have put […]

Free Thanksgiving Download

This is a quick and easy project. I wanted something the children could take home and put out to share what they are thankful for. I made two simple black lines and then copied them on colored paper. Simple. I love the clothespins.  I think there are a lot more projects in the future using […]

Got That Thanksgiving Feeling. . .

We have been busy bees in the kindergarten making all kinds of wonderful stuff.  Here are a few of the things in process.  I will post finished work tomorrow!  I have been having too much fun, forgetting to take photos! There are about five projects undocumented! Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy the moment […]

Motivation Magic!

Good Morning!  Einstein, my sweet cat, says “Happy Sunday!”  Of course, everyday is the sabbath for Einstein.  😉 I have a trick to keeping the classroom tidy and clean.  It works wonders!  I use two strategies – procedures and group tally marks. PROCEDURE STRATEGY: Clear procedures save hours of struggle in the classroom.  It is […]

Rhyming Bags – Free Download

Happy Saturday everyone!  Do you have methods of making show-n-share educational?  It does my teacher heart good.  To bring educational value to a simple toy is pure joy! This is the best homework.  Honestly.  Simple and effective.  What you need is a package of brown lunch bags and enough copies of the page below (two […]

Preparing For My Week

Happy Sunday!  How is your Sunday going?  I love Sundays! I don’t know about you – but Sunday is a critical day in preparing for my school week.  Here is my Sunday essentials: WEEK OF MEALS:  I plan, shop, and cook my entire week of breakfast and lunches!  This week I am making pumpkin spice […]

Crack! Yum!

I have an old nutcracker – I think it came from my grandmother.  Every fall I put it out as a center choice.  I first check to be sure there are no nut allergies and make all the necessary precautions.  (With some children – it is not possible to even have the nutcracker out.)  If […]

Seedy Necklaces

My current intern, Katie Downing, brought the neatest idea to the classroom.  Each student was given two beans, a cotton ball, a small plastic bag (I hole punch it for string the yarn) and a length of yarn.  The cotton balls where soaked in water.  The children put their two beans and the wet cotton […]

Nature Creatures

Making little creatures out of found nature items and basic art supplies is a wonderful fall craft.  It exercises the child’s capacity to imagine.  A wonderful extension is to have the children write a story about the creature they created. What you will need:  nature items such as pine cones, pods and small sticks, pipe […]

Pricky Ball Spiders

This is an easy peasy spider to make.  I discuss the difference between a spider and an insect.  The children count out 8 legs for their spider.  Additionally,  we discuss how many eyes a spider has – (between 4-8 eyes).  What you will need:  sweet gum balls, black pipe cleaners, googly eyes and artist’s heavy […]

Drawing Bats

There are several different ways to draw a bat. Here is one: Draw a circle with an opening at the bottom. Draw two swooping curve lines for the top of the wings. Draw “bumps” for area under the wings. Draw dots and curve lines for eyes, a u shape for the mouth and triangles for […]

Invasion of the Bats

Black construction paper, a lesson on bat making and well, the rest is history. . . BEFORE:   AFTER:

Bat Habitats

Making habitats is one of my favorite projects for the children.  They love it too!   What you will need: brown bags, cheap paper plates, black construction paper, scissors, glue stick, crayons.  Step One:  Cut down the brown lunch bag.  Cut “tabs” in the corners.  Fold back and glue down on paper plate.  Step Two:  Provide […]

Come Ride the Shoe Tying Train!

I am so excited about this idea! It is working wonders to get children motivated to learn how to tie their shoes.  I found a pair of shoes at the thrift store that I put wheels from a toy truck on. When a child learns how to tie shoes, they can demonstrate on my shoe. […]

Clothes Pin Animals

This is an adorable idea from Martha Stewart Living.  The kids loved it!  I used white cardstock and crayons.  I let the children draw whatever animal (we focused on farm animals) they wanted.   I discussed the importance of making the images big.  Kindergartners tend to draw small.  I demonstrated making one first and then let […]

A Simple Gift

When my latest intern’s last day was near, I wanted to do something special.  Stephanie is one of those people who really adores the children.   For real.   I just knew she would be like me and want something that had the touch of the children.   I also wanted it to endure – so it couldn’t […]

Them Bones!

 I saw this project at my friend, Terri’s classroom several years back.  It is such a great way to introduce the bones.  I had two parents come in and help the children paint their bones.  We will be learning the major bones over the next two weeks.  The first step is to trace the child’s […]

The "en" Word Family

This is a great Little Red Hen project that I first saw my friend, Mrs. McCain do in her class.  It is excellent tracing and cutting practice as well as the word family work.  I love to see how the children embellish the hens with details.  I prepare brown paper with paint and cut some […]

Helping Hands

One of the most powerful lessons inside the story of the Little Red Hen is helping others.   I have homework  where the children take on a chore at home for a full week.  Every child who completes the full week of doing a chore – receives a Little Red Hen Helping Hand Award.  (I […]

Handprint Little Red Hen

Simple but darling!  It is two steps. Day one – each child makes a red handprint. Day two – let the children transform their handprint into a little red hen.

Playdough Bakery is Open!

 During the Little Red Hen unit – I add a wonderful selection of pans, bowls, buckets, muffin tins, plates. . . even a cheese slicer.  The boys love that slicer!  Wooden spoons, pizza slicers. . .  Several colors of playdough. . .  Ooo, how the fun abounds!  I need another cheese slicer!  The girls adore […]

My Best Friend, I Miss You

Today, it hit me.  My sweet daughter has been given another chance at life with the amazing drugs for MS.  I am on my knees in gratitude.  Lizzie is walking with a cane, back at work this week and improving daily.  While there are still impairments, her quality of life has returned. My sister, on […]

Little Red Hen’s Bakery

A little peek into my current housekeeping center:  I stock the center with lots of baking tools, containers of baking ingredients, the pretend bread items the children made, and more.  I put a little lamp on the table.  It creates such a special mood.  I love to use the bright red and white gingham print […]

The Little Red Hen: Making Pretend Bread

Good old fashioned bread dough clay is the best treat for the children during our Little Red Hen unit. Basic Bread Dough Ornament Recipe 4 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup salt 1 1/2 cups warm water I make my dough in my Kitchen Aid mixer with the dough hook.  I mix it until it is […]

Drawing a pig

Drawing a pig is very easy for kindergartners.  Here are some of the drawings from my class during the three little pigs unit:  I begin by telling the children to make a circle on the top half of the page.  Next we add an oval in the middle of that circle for the snout with […]

The Three Pigs Table Puppet Show

Letting the children retell a fairy tale is very powerful in building comprehension.  The table puppet show can be very simple like this one.  I use simple plastic pigs and an old wolf puppet.  It works!  The children love it! The Three Little Pigs Table Puppet Play from Fairy Dust Teaching on Vimeo.

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and . . .

My educational method is to present one fairy tale for at least two weeks.  I read multiple versions of the tale, retell it orally, retell it with puppets, and at the end – have the children act it out.  It is a method that I have developed over the last 12 years or more.  This […]

Clay Work: Owls

This is such a sweet clay project designed by Aubree Hayden, who worked with me at Philbrook during summer camp.  The children loved it!  I am so sad I did not get a final photo of the project.  But you can see the easy peasy way to make it in the video below:

Clay Work: Knee Turtles

This is one of those tried and true clay projects for early childhood.  It is very simple.  You give the student a ball of clay and a paper towel.  The student puts the paper towel over their knee and then pats the clay on top of their knee to create a “shell.”  So easy and […]

The Power of Table Puppets and Retelling a Story!

This is pure educational magic.  Pure gold!  Give it a try if you have not.  It is very simple to do.  I have made basic table puppets for the children to use but you could use dollhouse dolls and brown bear figurines.  The children just need something to “pretend” the character with.  They are not […]

Wassily Kandinsky Study, Part 2

This is a project that Kelsey Howard created this summer at art camp.  It was amazing and the children loved it.  I had to video tape it and share it with you.  I wanted to bring a Kandinsky project — little did I know that Kelsey had a deep understanding of his work.   She created […]

Storytelling Teepee

Last Saturday, the museum had put up a teepee for family day.  I had the wonderful task of reading to the children inside the teepee.  I had a blast!  The children loved it.  I read the sweetest book:

Matt Damon on Save Our Schools

This is from a hand held camera but worth watching.  We are in crisis as a nation in our educational system. 


My class was at library a week ago when I saw a student’s book.  The cover was similar to an art project I have done in the past but different (click here to see!).  I knew I had to bring this to our Three Pigs unit of construction.  I love the purple background and multicolored […]

A Peek into My Classroom

The story of the Three Pigs offer so many extensions.  Here are a few currently underway in my classroom:  I set up my IKEA roadway rug (super cheap and wonderful) with matchbox cars, little wooden cars and a set of little wooden traffic signs.  I like to bring the idea of the neighborhood, community, community […]

Building Plans

This week we are dwelling inside the story of the Three Pigs.  This week I will be posting some of my activities for this fairy tale.  First, this is such a perfect story to bring the vocabulary and work of architects.  I have a wonderful book called “Homes” that talks about architects and the planning […]

FREE A-Z Graphs

During August and September – my kindergarten team reviews the alphabet.  I have developed several things for those days.  One is a sign in sheet with two animals that begin with that letter.  I am sharing these graphs with you today!  These are for personal use only.  I made these several years ago (before blogging […]

Whole Group Name Work

I love using the children’s names for basic literacy skills.  I also love making books for the children to take home.  I do this a lot with class books – make a copy for the families.   Last week we made a “All About My Name Book.” Here’s how I did it: Monday – Each child […]

AB Pattern Necklaces

An oldie but beloved! The children adore this activity and never realize they are being assessed!  Woot!  I begin by placing three different color of beads on each table.  I tell the children they are making an AB pattern necklace and can only use two colors.  I put small paper plates on the table for […]

Names, Names, Everywhere Names!

One of my first endeavors at the beginning of school is to fill the room with the student’s names!  This helps the children feel welcomed and at home.  It is a comfort for them to see their name around the room.  Here are a few of the things I do:  My first homework assignment is […]

Beautiful Amazing Block Play

Today I was taken back, again, by the amazing learning opportunities in block play.  We are currently in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  In blocks I put black and brown bear figures, green and blue cloth pieces.  A group of four children began building a “cave” for the bears.  They worked on […]

A Child’s Painting of a Sailboat

Here is a super easy painting for children.  This was a project I did with kindergarten aged children. I used economical acrylic liquid paint.  STEP ONE:  Provide two shades of white for the sky and two shades (light and dark) of blue paint for the water.  Let your child swirl them together.   Use red for […]

With Deep Gratitude

I am so grateful to report to you that Lizzie is improving!  She has been home now for three weeks and we have already seen great progress!  It is amazing!  She has gone from being wheelchair bound to using a walker.  In fact, yesterday she held her father’s arm and walked without her walker.  We […]

Daily Alphabet Activities with Names

I am posting some of my first alphabet activities of the school year.  In my school, the kindergarten reviews the alphabet one letter a day (we started reviewing today).  Here are some of the things I do:  Today we reviewed the letter Aa.   I asked each child, “Do you have any a’s in your name?”  […]

Guest Blogger: Running With Glitter!

I’m Kelly, I have a fun little blog called Running With Glitter.    My daughter is the luckiest Kindergartner this year.  She has Mrs. Haughey as a teacher. I’m so excited!  If could magically make up the perfect teacher she would be it!   Today I’m going to share with you a simple Play Dough Recipe.  […]

Just a Sprinkle of Salt. . .

It is the fourth day of school tomorrow and I am crazy busy!  So I am posting more photos from summer art camp.  These turned out so lovely in person.  The iphone photos do not do them justice!  I had the children draw with sharpies, paint and then sprinkle salt on the wet paint.  The […]

Making Clay Birds with Children

This summer, at the art museum, I had the children make clay birds.  The birds turned out so cute!  I failed to get photos of the finished birds.  I only have this photo – of a bird left behind by one child. INSTRUCTIONS:  The children will be making five basic shapes: an egg shape for […]

Make Your Own Easy Peasy Birthday Cape!

I had this brilliant idea this summer and it worked!  Woot!  (Don’t you love it when an great idea really works out?) I went to Target and purchased the cheap tea towels (4 or 6 towels for $3.99).  I purchased enough for every student in my class.   I dyed them with Rit Dye in the […]

Wassily Kandinsky Study, Part 1

 Kandinsky’s Circles is a wonderful inspiration piece.  Here is a super easy art piece for the young child.  It is great tracing and cutting practice.  METHOD:  I made three sizes of circle tracers – large, medium and small.  (I used round caps and such to make the tracers out of manila folders.)  I had the […]

Hands On Literacy 101

Here is a brief look at my literacy approach: What is Hands-On Literacy? Hands on literacy is based on brain-based research.  It brings classic stories alive and into the hands of the learner through the senses – visual, tactical, auditory – and through the multiple intelligences – verbal/linguistic, musical/rhythmic, visual/spatial, bodily kinesthetic, intra-personal, interpersonal, mathematical/logical […]

Oh So Lovely!

I have found the most amazing needle felted artist, Daria, on Etsy.   I ordered Mother Earth for my nature table.  It is more beautiful than it is in these photos.  Her talent is extraordinary!  If you are looking for nature table dolls – I recommend checking out her Etsy store!  (And I am getting […]

Water Lilies on Canvas

This is a lovely keepsake for parents as it is painted on board canvas.  I purchase my canvas boards at Michaels in packs of 10 with my 40% off coupon.   I use the cheap liquid craft paint. STEP ONE:  Mix up several mixtures of blue for the pond.  Remember to have one a bit […]

Monet’s Mural

This is a wonderful mural to create!  I put up two rows of white bulletin board paper and framed it in a black paper with big scallop edges. This is the mural in process.  I failed to take a final photo!  So sad – it was so beautiful.  You know, sometimes it is the best […]

Bird on Black

This idea was inspired by a picture similar online.   I broke this project into three sessions.  First session we drew the bird, second session we painted it, and finally we added the feathers and sequins. What you will need is a white oil pastel, tempera paints, black construction paper, and feathers  Step One:  In the […]

Noodle Doodles

Molly, one of the artists I worked with last week, did a classic activity but gave it a new name!!  Noodle Doodles.  The children loved the name as much as the activity.  Step One: With a crayon draw a large doodle with swirling moves.  Step Two:  Paint in the doodles with noodles of color!

Sun Print Paint on Fabric!

Michelle, the art teacher next to me at the museum, did the coolest project!  Oh my!  Did you know there is sun paint?  Just like the sun print paper!  What you will need:  muslin fabric cut to size, the cool sun print fabric paints (click here for source), cut-outs and found objects to put down […]

Turtle Art

This is so easy and turns out so lovely.  It is a guided drawing using white oil pastels and then painted with tempera paints.  The last step uses a metallic paint pen.  Step One:  Draw a large oval that almost fills your paper.  Step Two:  Draw another circle inside the big circle.  Step Three:  Draw […]

Drip Painting

Step One:  Brush water over your whole paper!  Lots of water! Step Two:  Using droppers, drip paint on to the wet paper.  (primary colors)

Night Time Skyline

This is one of my favorite little projects.  It always turns out so nice! What you will need: construction paper in bright colors cut into different sizes of rectangles for the skyscapers, different sized squares for the windows,  glitter foam in different shapes, foil cut into different shapes, large black construction paper to build the […]

Give Me Five!

Another cute idea from Ms. Aubree.  I wanted to have the children watercolor a small art piece for the front of their sketch pads.  In the morning class I had the children make abstract shapes with a sharpie and then watercolor. Not bad – they turned out very nicely.  In the afternoon class, I asked […]

Drawing An Owl

This week (and next) I am teaching at Philbrook Museum Art Camp.  One of my co-workers, Aubree, lead the children in this wonderful drawing of an owl.  Isn’t it cute?! Draw a large oval.  Add two curved lines. Draw an upside down triangle. Draw two large circles for the eyes.  Add a medium size circle […]


Today at the museum, one of the art stations was designing a pinwheel.  The children loved it!  I asked where the museum purchased the pinwheels.  They were very economically priced at Oriental Trading!   This will be on my to-do list for March!

Awww – Sooo Sweeet!

While we were at Mayo, I went through the underground tunnels and eventually found myself in a little shop called “Counterpoints.”  It was very cool.  I immediately saw this book.   As a tour guide for young children at Philbrook Art Museum, I can spot a good read a mile away.   This one was extra special. […]

Homeward Bound

It has been an amazing experience to be at the famous Mayo Clinic.  Lizzie was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital.  The treatment we received was world class from the moment we entered the hospital.  For example – in her room she has total control of the temperature and lights. Every room has its own refrigerator, […]

On the Road!

Lizzie and myself before the strange brain lesions. I am so excited to let you know that we are taking my daughter to Mayo Clinic tomorrow, Thursday.  We will drive her there (a little challenge) and then they will admit her to the hospital.  Yay!  This is what we have been waiting for – so […]

CVC Sound Boxes

This is a great tool for building phonemic awareness.  You use this just like the chips and Elkonin sound boxes where each box represents one phoneme.  In this method, you have the child touch the green for the first sound, the yellow for the middle sound and the red for the ending sound.  This is […]

A Handwriting Helper

This is an idea that comes from one of my interns this year, Tracy.  She saw it in another classroom.   I could not find anything about it online so I just had to make my own poster.  When you begin teaching handwriting on the “lines” this is such a helpful visual for the children. Chicken […]