Jennifer’s Reggio Inspired Classroom, Part One

I must admit. I am sooooo lucky. I work in a school where my colleagues are striving to bring amazing educational environments. Jennifer Dean, a kindergarten teacher, has created pure magic in her classroom. I just had to share!  Let’s go take a peek. . .

IMG_600Loose parts in the Math Center —  I love how beautifully Jennifer presented these.

IMG_5458Here is a view of the math center and the table with the loose parts.

IMG_5501A math activity tray.  Weight.

IMG_5460Jen did the coolest thing with her light table.  You can’t see it in this photo – but hold on – I am going to show you!

IMG_5461She has cups with a-z letter tiles.


She has a ring of sight words on the light table.


And the children use the tiles to create the sight words.  So smart!


IMG_5487See the light table in the back of this photo?  And check out the mason jar that is hanging in the foreground.  It has a fish.  So beautiful!

IMG_5488This is one of the art shelves.  Notice the foil sculpture on top of the shelf?

IMG_5482What a great idea – the children can wrap nature items in foil and create sculptures.

IMG_5509Construction Center.  Love all of the different natural logs.

IMG_5521Lovely invitation to study these bugs. . .



IMG_5525Look at all of those wonderful cylinders for blocks!!  Love.

IMG_5533It is clear the classroom agreements have an important role in the classroom.

Thank you Jennifer for sharing this amazing room!

Part Two coming soon!

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  1. Kate Hyland says:

    Looks absolutely amazing, a very inspiring space for children to explore and create. I run a family day care and am always looking for new ideas to inspire me and this is fabulous! Thank you 🙂

  2. TJ says:

    MORE photos PULLLLLLEESE!!!!!!!!!! what an inspirational environment! I would love to see everything going on in that classroom!

  3. wendy says:

    very inspiring, I just love the idea of foil wrapped natural objects. Cant wait to try this out.

  4. Jessica says:

    Omgosh, I LOVE it!! Where did she get those cinder blocks? My favorite part is that building center with all the natural wood. I wanna jump in there and start playing! Thank you for posting!

  5. Alison says:

    What a beautiful, thoughtful space. I agree that the natural foil sculptures look really engaging, definitely something I’ll be introducing after spring break. During which I’ll be making more branch bundles 😉

  6. Sharon says:

    I love the idea of the hanging mason jar! So cool!

  7. Mrs. Keane Stein says:

    I would like to know what kind of material that is covering the lights above the classroom. I like the way it diffuses the florescent lights! Thank you.

  8. How do the children engage with the big cylinders? I have gathered film cylinders from Walgreens and we are going to mod podge the children’s photos on each one and add them to our block area.
    I run a licensed family childcare in my home. Love this teacher’s ideas. Just curious- there isn’t much color on the wall, is that intentional? I have lots of oak cupboards, white walls, and blue carpet and furniture, and not much room for stuff on the walls- so I don’t have much color on my walls either. I also have a 17 x 17.5 sunroom, which has vinyl decals on the windows, white shades, and either tumbling mats on the floor, or two area rugs over vinyl which looks like wood floor.

  9. Cd says:

    Creative working space for kids and staff! Are you still offering the best kept secrets courses? I tried the register link but its not working. Great resources you provide : ) : )

  10. mom2gfs says:

    I am a parent and a Para at this school, we are very fortunate to have a blend of both Reggio inspired and traditional classrooms. My children benefit greatly from both styles of teaching and never before did I think it was possible to see developmentally appropriate practices in the public school setting. Thank you to all of our amazing teachers!!! You inspire the best in us all.

    • As a long-time “Montessorian” I discovered Reggio in the 1990’s and always strived to bring that magic beauty of Reggio into my Montessori classroom…Jennifer has done it! So very inviting. I can’t wait for the workshop. Thanks!

  11. Gina Burkhalter says:

    Such an inviting and provocative classroom! Love all the beautiful natural materials. Can’t wait to make foil sculptures. I also really like the display of the “classroom agreements” as a constant reminder to children, teachers, and parents.


  1. Jennifer’s Reggio Inspired Classroom, Part One

    I must admit. I am sooooo lucky. I work in a school where my colleagues are striving to bring amazing

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