Patty’s Room: Writing Materials

There is are so many meaningful opportunities for Patty’s Pre-k children to write.  Here are a few:
Color sorted markers and colored pencils.
 The writing center materials.  I love the two choices – fat pencil or golf pencil.  These are both developmentally appropriate.  And providing tape!  So important!
  More writing center materials- a tray of paper, a basket of words (blue cards) and a basket of picture + word cards.
 The picture + word cards are related to their current inquiry – air.
 The children write their name before entering the classroom.
 A basket of weather journals.
 Writing in housekeeping.
Computer play – typing away in housekeeping (pretend- of course).
 Writing is valued and displayed.
Love the writing hanging within these frames.
 Writing samples hanging in a window related their weather study (which came out of the air inquiry).
Tomorrow we will look at Hanging Art in Patty’s classroom.
Monday we will look at how the air inquiry was demonstrated in the classroom environment.
Thank you to Patty and her co-teacher Jenni for sharing their amazing classrooms!!

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  1. heather says:

    Thank you for sharing Patty’s inspiring classroom with us! I teach a pre-k class as well, and I’m so excited to implement her ideas. Can you tell us if she has a blog or website to follow? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been loving these posts too! I hope Patty might have her own blog someday too! I think there are many Montessori teachers who would love to see the blended approach in action.

    • Patty has much to share with years of experience and lots of deep thought and reflection. I will be having her co-teach at least one eWorkshop later this month – so stay tuned!

  3. Lisa Michael says:

    I’ve changed some things in my room already since Christmas. The room is beginning to feel “soulful” to me! I can’t wait for every idea you have!!!! Thank you! Love Patty too!!!
    Is “soulful teaching” still coming up this summer?

  4. Desiree says:

    I love the use of frames to display their writing/art. I can’t wait to hit garage sales this summer to find some and paint them to match my classroom. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  5. Christian Diokpo says:

    Thanks for all your posts. They are highly useful. I would need your assistance in setting up my school. I look forward to your response.

  6. Deb Howard says:

    I am new to this site but oh my goodness! Such inspiration and easily adaptable ideas. Can’t wait for the posts each day. Thank you to the wonderful, generous educators who share so easily.

  7. Luz says:

    Love Patty’s writing center. I am already planning my 2016-17 WRITING CENTER.
    I especially like that there is no teacher’s writing on students’writing.

  8. Aanchal says:

    Thank you for these wonderful posts and a peep into Patty’s classroom with such enriching ideas.
    I am a preschool teacher in New Delhi (India) and love receiving so many inspiring ideas for my toddlers and preschoolers.

    • Sally says:

      Isn’t being part of the teaching community such a joy? Our colleagues give us ideas, inspiration, and support!

  9. Thanks for sharing my staff love the new ideas I’m taking back to them !

  10. Anna Antonini says:

    I love it all.So inspirational . Tomorrow I am starting my training but I have already had lots of ideas from you all. Thanks!!

  11. Sarah smith says:

    Art gallery! Brilliant

  12. Janet Hamilton says:

    All of Patty’s ideas are inspiring!

  13. Donna Christian says:

    The space feel friendly and welcoming. I like the organization and the assortment of writing materials. The area of writing center is one that I need t work on with my teachers. Thanks.

  14. Sarah says:

    I love the art work in frames and not writing on the children’s art.

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