Reggio Inspired: Collections

Here are snapshots of “collections” from several different Reggio Inspired classrooms.  Enjoy!
 Pictured taken in a Reggio Inspired Educare classroom.
Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool.
 I love the idea of using those old divided boxes for little collections.
I am uncertain where this was taken – perhaps Colorado.
Sorting natural material into baskets and wooden boxes is so beautiful.
 How glorious is this?!  Embroidery threads sorted in rainbow ordered boxes.
Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool.
This is just a great storage answer and it makes the paint so inviting.
Photo taken at a preschool in Colorado.
Hanging nature items from a branch with wire.  It is so artful!
Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool.
Collection of red ribbons and beads on a hanging wooden hoop.
Photo taken at Rosa Parks Preschool.
A collection of fabric strips made into a curtain.
*Some of these photos are several years old and I am uncertain where I took them (before blogging).

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  1. Love the fabric strips! Renee

    • I never would have thought to make a curtain out of fabric strips. So cool.

  2. Forgive my ignorance Sally, but what exactly is the purpose of these collections? Are they for display, for children to handle or can they use the items as they wish? Are they collected by adults, children or both?
    By the way, I love your blog’s new look. It’s terrific!
    Valerie from London

    • Great question! Most of the time collections are provocations or beginnings of investigation and inquiry. I have used the term “collections” in the broadest sense like I have in previous posts with “color” and “hanging art.” One of the things I love about Reggio inspired rooms are how things are grouped and gathered.I hope that helps.

      My blog is going to undergo yet another transformation in a few months but I felt the need for a new “outfit” in the meantime! Thank you!

  3. daycarediva says:

    Love the top two pics especially, those sectioned wooden boxes are a great find. Thanks for posting, I LOVE your blog, it’s great to have a sneak peek into other classrooms.

  4. Laurel says:

    I love the wooden boxes. They would hold up very well. I absolutely love baskets, but my little ones are hard on them. I find parts of the baskets broken off and worry about small ones putting them in their mouths.

    • Sally says:

      I agree baskets can break apart. Wooden boxes are so durable.

  5. Brenta Clem says:

    I have used picture frames for showing off collections. When materials are used in different ways, children respond in a positive fashion. What great ways to involve children in the cleaning up process needed in preschool classrooms.

    • Sally says:

      We all love beautiful things. Don’t you just love how beautiful storage can be?

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