Celebrating New Siblings

I know most of you probably do something like this or even something more elaborate.  But I think it is always fun to share ideas.  Here is what I do — I would love to hear about what you do!   Cole is becoming a brother for the first time tomorrow so we made him a book.  (I love making books for big events like moving, new siblings, etc.)

I demonstrated how to draw a baby in swaddling.   The kids love drawing babies!

 Here is the finished book!
Here is a sampling of the book:

Next, I make a little baby for a card:

 I cut a round piece of tissue paper.  This one is about 3 or 4 inches wide.  I cut out a “baby.”
 Fold one side of the circle over onto the “baby.” Glue.
Fold over the other side and glue.
Glue the little baby to a card and write something! (I added a little heart.)  I like to make a big deal about the kindergartner becoming a big brother or sister.  Cole’s new sibling is a little girl – he calls Sissy.  So we all agreed – Sissy is one lucky baby to have sweet Cole as a big brother!!!  So exciting!!

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  1. Lyn Goff says:

    Love, love, love this idea. I don’t have nearly enough time in my 1/2 day program for all of your wonderful ideas (although I sure am using a lot of them!) When my kids were in preschool and kindergarten and I had a baby, I always sent sugar cookies (such as little teddy bears) that I had made and frozen together with a picture of the big sister or brother holding the baby in the hospital (with the baby’s name and details) so the teacher could make the big sibling feel special.

    • I love that! It is so important to give that sibling a little attention when so much is going to the new baby!

  2. Carla says:

    That is absolutely adorable! What a special keepsake this will make for Cole and his family. LOVE the swaddled baby….so clever!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    This is really cute, I would have never thought to do something like this. One of the little girls in my class should be gaining a new brother any day now so I’m going to use this idea! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Tales of An Elementary Teacher

  4. Kristina says:

    Very cute idea! I’ve had three babies born (as siblings) in my class this year! We made a “Wish Book” for each of the babies. I found an outline of a baby and the kids color theirs in. Then I dictate what they “wish” for the baby. Some of their answers are really funny, and the parents always love this keepsake. I’ll try and find a copy of the page I use. Thanks for this idea too! I love that it’s a book for the older brother/sister. They need some extra loving when the baby comes!

    -Kristina at misskristinaskindergarten.blogspot.com

    • Kristina! I love the Wish Book idea! How magical is that? I would love to see the page you use! Thank you for sharing this precious idea.


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