Making Clay Birds with Children

This summer, at the art museum, I had the children make clay birds.  The birds turned out so cute!  I failed to get photos of the finished birds.  I only have this photo – of a bird left behind by one child.


 The children will be making five basic shapes: an egg shape for the body, a sphere for the head, a triangle for the beak, and two “drops” for the wings.
 Attach the head by scoring the both sides with a plastic fork.  Add slip (which is watered down clay – this is like glue that will attach the two pieces.)
 Attach the beak in the same manner.
 Attach the wings.
 Smooth the clay with a wee bit of water on your finger.  Let dry.
This is the bird after being fired.
This is the bird glazed!

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  1. So cool! Come over and see our Open Studio clay work!

  2. Love this, thanks x

  3. Susan S Brown says:

    Beautiful! We want our 4s class to work with clay and we have access to a small kiln but do not know what type and brand to get of clay and glaze(s). Can you help? Thank you! Susan S. Brown, Mt. Pleasant Preschool, Sherrills Ford, NC 🙂

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