Give Me Five!

Another cute idea from Ms. Aubree.  I wanted to have the children watercolor a small art piece for the front of their sketch pads.  In the morning class I had the children make abstract shapes with a sharpie and then watercolor.

Not bad – they turned out very nicely.  In the afternoon class, I asked Aubree to help the children decorate their paintings.  Here is what she did:

Step One:  She traced their hand with a sharpie in the middle of the page.
Step Two:  She turned the paper another direction.
Step Three:  She traced the child’s hand again in the new direction.
Step Four: She traced the child’s hand one more time (3x total) in a new direction.
Step Five:  The children painted their abstract hand tracings.  How so cool!
Final product:  A decorated sketch pad!

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  1. This turned out beautiful!

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