Torn Paper Aliens

This is such a fun project.  The key to the success of the alien is the “lack of control” in tearing the paper!  This gives a huge variety of alien faces!

What you will need:  A 9 x 12 black paper to build your alien on, a 9 x 12 green paper to tear the head of the alien out of, assorted colors of paper for facial features, black paint and a few items to print with.

 STEP ONE: Tear the green paper to create a head for your alien.  Whatever shape you get is just RIGHT!
 STEP TWO:  Glue down the head shape to the black paper.
 STEP THREE:  Tear other colored papers to create eyes, nose, mouth, antennae, whatever!
STEP FOUR:  Using black paint and a variety of items as stamps (I used a plastic cup, glue stick, etc) stamp features on your alien.  Done!

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  1. Mrs. Hahn says:

    Oh, I like these. I love giving kids a challenge like not using scissors. They are cute!

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