Frogs on a Log – The "og" Word Family

Here is another one of those adorable word family projects from Mrs. McMahan’s room!

What you will need:
brown and green construction paper

 Step One:  Draw the lower case letter m.
 Step Two: Add a wide u to make the face.
 Step Three:  Add two ovals for eyes with black dots.  Add eye brows and a mouth.
 Step Four:  Draw a large round body.
Step Five:  Write a “og” family word on the belly.  Add legs if you wish.
 Step Six:  Cut out the frogs.
 Step Seven:  Fold the brown construction paper in half longways.  Glue along the sides to make a pocket.
Step Eight:  With brown or black crayon, draw the lines of the bark on your log.
Put your frogs in your log!
Frogs in a log!

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  1. Sarah S says:

    I am no artist so I definitely appreciate the how-to on frog drawing!! My preschooler is going to LOVE this one. She’s also into rhyming words so this is perfect. Thanks!

  2. Love these cute ideas for Word Family activities. I’d like to post it on my new website which is all about reading strategies and free resources for parents and teachers of early readers.

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