Story Stones made by a Kindergartener

This week one of my kindergarten students came to school with her own story stones.  She had wanted her own set and found a way to make them – stickers!  I was so impressed with her creative solution of how to get an image on the stone!   Her mother told me she gathered the stones from her grandmother’s garden.

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  1. It IS a creative solution and it means the image is clear and easy to see. I’ve tried some methods for story stones that are much harder to decipher!

  2. Deborah says:

    What a smart idea! Let the children lead the way!!

  3. miss merril says:

    This is such a beautiful storytelling inspiration. We incorporate storytelling each day in our pre-k classroom…I’ll have to add this to our repertoire. Thank you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You could do this with numbers to make a math game too.
    Kay Hartt

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi Sally,

    From memory I think that you can use clear nail varnish or PVA glue to protect the stickers and extend their lives! You’ve reminded me to make some more! Thanks!!

  6. Laurel says:

    I love this idea and it is almost indestructible compared to paper !

  7. Evi says:

    Such a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Lyn Collins says:

    Story stones are brilliant. We use then frequently at our Preschool in Mosgiel, New Zealand.
    Recently one of our 4 yr olds told me she knew the ‘..whole story…’ about the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ I invited her to tell the story to the group at mat time using the story stones. She gathered her resources and began. “By the light of the moon…’ she laid the corresponding stone in the centre of the circle. Back to the basket to find the next stone she was discovered it was missing. Not daunted at all she turned to the group saying…” Oh that stone is missing so I’ll say the sentence and we can think it’s there” and completed her story in precise order. later she came to me to say that if we couldn’t find the stone that was missing we could just make another one. (we did find our missing stone).
    We also have alphabet stones, maths stones, stones with indigenous Maori symbols, stones with colours on them, stones with shapes…stones, stones, stones! We all love using them for a vast amount of curriculum activities. And they are fabulously durable for including in the outdoor environment. Thanks so much for sharing your excellent ideas. Lyn

  9. Shelly says:

    I will use this idea in my classes. What a lovely idea. Thank you.

    • Sally says:

      Children can be so ingenious! I loved the idea, too!

  10. Claudette Henson says:

    I love the stickers on the stones! I wonder if tattos would work?

  11. Donna says:

    WOW! I really like this idea!

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