My Home, My Address

During August, we talked about how we each live in our own home.  One of the projects we did was to make a paper bag house or apartment building (depending on where you lived).  We then set up a little city with our “homes.”   The photos below are from that first project.   I am going to revisit this – this time adding their address.  Learning our address in one of our state standards.

I like creating the context of an address as a location marker.  Making our homes and adding it’s “location marker” helps children understand why we have addresses.  The first day, I will have them make their homes.  The second day, we will set up the mini-city.
I begin by asking, “How can I find your home?”  We will brainstorm ways we can locate our homes.  It always boils down to the address.   I will then give them their address to attach to their homes.
On the third day, I will use these homes as sorting tools.  We will sort our homes by the numbers, the letters, the street names – any way we can brainstorm sorting the addresses.  This makes learning your address so much more fun!
The fourth day, we will visit the final step – discussing phone numbers.  “How can I talk to you at your home from my home?”
We will attach our phone numbers to our homes.  And do the sorting process once again.
I will give children the choice to keep their home at school to use in block play for that week.  I will post photos after we do this project!

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  1. Gremlina says:

    what a neat expression for the kids!

  2. They do absolutely love creating their own homes!

  3. Great post! Cool project! My boys would like to make homes too…Will have to remember to do these when we get into talking about homes.

  4. polwig says:

    So cute… I can not wait to do this with my kids.

  5. What a great idea. With my son going to kindergarten in the fall I keep thinking I really want him to know his address and phone number. I think I’ll just feel better knowing he can reach me if there is an emergency.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m new to this blog and have found many of your art projects/ideas to be very innovative, creative, and fun!
    I’m a Special Education Preschool Teacher and I’m very excited to introduce the “My Home” art project to my kiddos when we come back to school later this month :0)

    Thank you, Laura Martinez

  7. Phyllis says:

    How did you mark their addresses and phone numbers on the houses? What did you use.
    I’m going to do this with my class this week!

    • Sally says:

      Yes – but in stages. I just put the numbers of their address first. And then moved on to the street!

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