Watercolor Magic – Rice!

Materials:  Rice, watercolor paper, watercolors.
Step One:  Lay a watercolor wash on the paper surface.

Step Two: While paint is still wet, drop rice on the paint and leave it there until dry.

Step Three:  Brush off the rice.
Detail of texture

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what is water color paper? is it just paper w/ water color paint on it???

    • Anne says:

      Watercolor paper comes in a variety of weights and holds water better than normal paper. It can be found in craft stores (or Department store’s craft area) near the Sketch Paper or Multimedia Paper.

      • Sally says:

        Thanks for helping out, Anne!

  2. Watercolor paper is thicker, sturdier and more absorbent than regular paper. You can buy it at craft stores in pads. You could also experiment with light colored construction paper, cardstock and copy paper I think, though.

  3. Kim says:

    Is this the background for your artwork? Or the finished product? Nice effect!!

    • Sally says:

      Yes! It makes amazing backgrounds!

      • Kim says:

        How fun Sally, would enjoy seeing some of your final products! : )

  4. found this on Pinterest and love it, thanks, CheyAnne


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